What is a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner?

The approved definition of a Derm NP, according to the Dermatology NP Coalition is “… an advanced practice registered nurse licensed as a nurse practitioner who specializes in the assessment, diagnosis, management, and advocacy of individuals and communities with health and illness of the hair, skin, and nails.” The number of nurse practitioners (NPs) specializing in Read More

Real-Life, Usable Tips To Manage Nurse Practitioner Stress

You need real methods to reduce your stress, beyond mindfulness and meditation. They are wonderful self-care practices and stress relievers, but what are some other day-to-day practices you can adopt and use throughout your day to help keep you how you want to be: clear-headed and confident, in control of your moods, with a high Read More

Clinical Trial Design and Statistical Methods

Educational resource provided by Novartis. When interpreting clinical trial data, consider the effects of trial design (eg, study population, blinding, comparators, end points, analytical methods) on trial outcomes

A Typical Day in My Life as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Today we hear from our own Marisa Stringer, NP-C, CANS, and APRN Director here at CoreMedSource. She explains what a typical day for her is like at Pine Belt Dermatology, where she specializes in dermatology care and aesthetics, which include cosmetic injections and dermal fillers, acne, psoriasis, and screening and treating skin cancer. She explains how Read More

Healthcare Trends for Nurse Practitioners in 2022 and Beyond

It’s an exciting time to be a nurse practitioner. The high demand for NPs is only the beginning of a long string of trends influencing the profession today. The effects of technology, healthcare reform, fallout from the pandemic, and changing views on priorities for HCPs is indicating some important movements that will affect how the Read More

Kansas Nurse Practitioners Granted Full Practice Authority

Following close on New York’s heels, Kansas has adopted full practice authority for nurse practitioners, making it the 26th US state to give patients full and direct access to NP-delivered health care. Full practice authority (FPA) authorizes NPs to evaluate, diagnose and order diagnostic tests, and prescribe medications, acting as independent healthcare providers without physician supervision. Read More