Low Stress or Flexible Hour Job Options for Nurse Practitioners

Whether you are looking for a flexible schedule due to family or child care demands, educational course loads, or perhaps you’re experiencing a bit of burnout, there are some non-traditional settings you might want to explore to achieve more work/life balance and less stress in your workday.

Clinical Researcher

A Research Nurse Practitioner works to develop and execute clinical studies to provide data on such things as medical procedures, diseases, vaccinations, and new medications. They perform qualitative and quantitative research, analyze data, and report findings that improve patient outcomes and healthcare services. They may also act as a bridge between researchers on a clinical trial and the patient participants, caring for and ensuring the safety of the patients throughout the research process.

Mobile Healthcare Clinic

With 2000+ mobile clinics in the US, this is a growing segment of healthcare services. Finding a job in a mobile clinic – or starting your own – could lead to alternative hours that could work for you. Mobile clinics can provide much needed health services to rural or underserved areas and offer many benefits. There are plenty of online resources to help get started. Some healthcare services being offered via mobile clinics include primary care, gynecology, urgent care, dental care, and prenatal care. There are grants and other aid available for NPs looking to start a mobile clinic. 


With the widely burgeoning industry of remote care and telehealth, companies are looking for nurse practitioners and other clinicians to provide remote health services for a large variety of treatment areas. Seeing patients face-to-face remotely has you working from home in most cases, and many companies offer part time and flexible hours. 

Health Insurance

Some health insurance companies employ nurse practitioners and other clinicians for corporate and office-based roles, such as reviewing claims, case management, and telephone guidance of care, which could be an opportunity for a work from home position, as there is no direct patient care. 

School Nurse Practitioner

A School Nurse Practitioner (SNP) works within the school system or university, filling a gap in primary care. Different roles include working at a school-based clinic or being a school nurse and involve not only the routine care for the children during school hours, but vision and hearing screenings, physical exams, follow up for ongoing medical issues, and immunizations. Working with a school brings standard hours revolving around the school’s opening hours, no nights, weekends, or holidays, and sometimes summers off.

Aesthetic or Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

Regular hours, manageable patient loads, and devoted time to patients can add up to more work-life balance than you have now and working as a Dermatology or Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner usually comes with these advantages. They do not typically work in acute-care settings, and dermatologic and aesthetic procedures are usually only scheduled during regular working hours. Working with typically healthy patients, these treatment areas offer some of the lowest stress and flexible lifestyles for NPs.

CoreMedSource offers both a Dermatology training course and Aesthetic training course for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers looking to enter the fields or boost their clinical care knowledge in these areas. Online training for all levels is available, as well as Aesthetic and Dermatology certificate programs. We’d love to answer any questions you have – drop us a line!