New York Becomes the 25th State to Adopt Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners

New York has become the 25th state to grant full practice authority to nurse practitioners. On Saturday, April 9th, New York’s governor, Kathy Hochul, signed the state budget into law that will remove the condition that NPs must have a written practice agreement with a physician in order to provide the full scope of services that they are clinically trained to provide. By implementing Full Practice Authority (FPA) legislation, the state of New York will be retiring outdated laws that have hindered its healthcare system and narrowed patient’s access to care.

Increasing Quality Care for the US

Nurse practitioners fill a crucial role in our healthcare system. As the country’s physician shortage becomes more pronounced, they are increasing patient’s access to care and creating a more effective healthcare system to meet the needs of our global society. Research has continually shown that NPs are an essential part of healthcare by filling a widening gap, with the ability to treat a vast variety of common and complex conditions patients are seeking treatment for. Studies that include randomized controlled trials have repeatedly shown the quality of care seen by physicians and nurse practitioners is largely equivalent. This is all increasing the number of states adopting FPA legislation and opening up more access to quality care for Americans.

The Future of Healthcare

As more and more states are adopting FPA legislation and widening the scope of license, nurse partitioners continue to step up into key roles in healthcare, opening their own practices to serve their patients and expanding into telehealth, widening the coverage and care that is needed to fill an increasing need.

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